ABL Sweeper Giant


ABL Sweeper Giant

Meet the Heavy-Duty Mechanical Elevator Trailer Sweeping Machine from ABL – Outstanding capacity up to over 1.2 ton per minute load coarse waste material quickly and direct from street onto truck. Contact us today to book a safe product demonstration online!

Benefits of ABL Sweeper Giant

  • Highway transport Speed 80 Km/h

  • Work fast, efficiently between the workplaces

  • Wheel axle with air brake

  • Leaf spring suspension

  • Central Lubrication SKF

  • Adjustable sweeping width left/right side brush

  • Outstanding sweeper performance

  • Optimized height/width of conveyor

  • Designed so that systems are accessible and easy to service

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Easy to clean

  • Module design

  • One touch easy control panel in drivers cabin

  • Adjustable water bars

  • Signal horn

  • Conveyor height 3 m

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